Thursday, April 23, 2015


My God. It's really done. Seriously. Four years of work has been compiled and completed, and is almost ready to be sent off to the printer.

There were many times when I seriously doubted that this day was going to come. It has been a Herculean struggle to get to this point...the point where there truly is no turning back.

This is what I've been waiting for, for so many months now. You have to understand...for someone like myself who normally has the patience of an 8-year old, putting together not only this book but my publishing company as well, has been a monumental exercise in restraint and long-term planning.

There are still many obstacles ahead, and the headaches that are going to come with them. But we're finally HERE. And ready to take the next step.

Hello, destiny. It's me again.

Friday, April 17, 2015

What did you say to Q, Mark???

A true meeting of the minds: DJ Mark Lewis and Quincy Jones!
OK Mark, just what did you say to produce such a response from Q? LOL...

In all seriousness, Mark and Quincy got along just great. I'm sure Mark was on Cloud 9 at the time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


YES! I was playing around a bit in Photoshop tonight and came across some rather good material I shot at Avalon a few years back, featuring Camp Freddy and Ozzy Osbourne. Slash was sitting in with the group (as he frequently did in those days), and I captured a number of good shots of him and Ozzy together during this gig. Well, for whatever reason, tonight I decided to look back on some of those shots...and lo and behold, I discovered that some of those "good" shots from back then looked FANTASTIC when I converted them to black and white!  Such as, this one...

Man, I do love that classic 1970s-era black and white look. I've got to do more playing around like this when I find the time...

101 10:10

Long exposure, shot with a Holga camera.

Monday, March 30, 2015


This is what it looks like when you freeze a hummingbird's wings:

I swear these guys are tiny nuclear-powered vacuum cleaners with wings.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Reminders of films past

Hey all,

I was going through my archives when I came across something I hadn't seen in a long time: a series of images shot in Venice Beach on the July 4th weekend in 2003. What made these pictures special was that they were shot on film--specifically, Kodak Aerochrome color infrared film. The film was originally 70mm, and had been cut and re-spooled into 120 format, as you can see by the sprocket holes.
I also used a polarizing filter to darken the sky. I really enjoyed using color infrared film, it's color scheme was totally nuts and depending on the light, sometimes you weren't 100% certain of what you were gonna get. It's a shame that it was phased out by Kodak, like so many of their classic film era products.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Post-Oscars update: me hard at work

Hey folks,

What's going on? OK, I know it's been a long while since I last blogged, and quite a lot has happened since then. Progress on the book remains slow but dogged, and we're looking at a summer 2015 release date now. The annual Awards Season here in Hollywood has come and gone, and as usual Getty Images has had me out shooting tons of events, including Elton John's Oscar viewing party on February 22. Thankfully all of that is over with now, because it really runs you into the ground if you're not careful. It's definitely a marathon of shooting dates, and like in any marathon, you need to learn to pace yourself...otherwise you end up running out of energy a lot, which definitely affects the quality of one's work. Thankfully that ended up not being the case this time.

However, one very cool thing that did happen was me getting the chance to twice shoot the one and only Sir Patrick Stewart as he made his way through the various pre-Oscar parties. Finally getting to photograph the former Jean-Luc Picard was definitely fun, and apparently even more so for one of my colleagues. In fact, he was rather disappointed that he didn't get the chance to do a selfie with Mr. Stewart--is that geeking out or what? Anyway, I received a very happy surprise last week when I was going through my online Getty material, and found this image alongside my work. Take a look on the right and you'll see what I mean...

Yes, that's yours truly, hard at work trying to get Sir Patrick to look my way! This is easily the best picture I've seen of me shooting on the line, never mind with a figure like Patrick Stewart. HUGE thanks to Lester Cohen for kicking this shot my way so I could put it up here! Is this cool or what...just wish my expression could've been a bit more relaxed! But then again, there is no relaxing during Awards Season, especially when the carpets are moving fast and you need to get what you can ASAP.

OK, back to work (it never ends!). More book updates to come soon.


Friday, November 21, 2014


Well, the year is coming close to wrapping itself up, so  it's time to put up some of the best of my music work from 2014. Some of these images come from big gigs, others from little intimate settings, so accordingly I suggest finding some of your favorite tunes and cranking them up as you view these pictures. I hope you enjoy looking at them at least as much as I did creating them.

Gary Richards at HARD Day Of The Dead 2014

Annie Lennox singing at the GRAMMY Museum

Miley Cyrus at Staples Center

Gavin DeGraw at the Greek Theatre

Can you guess who these guys are?
Armin Van Buuren at the L.A. Forum
President Bill Clinton at the Dolby Theatre

French Stewart as Buster Keaton

K-Ci at the Greek Theatre.

Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands
Danielle Haim of HAIM rips it out on her SG

Paul Banks of Interpol at Mack Sennett Studios in Silverlake

Jessie J. She ended up putting this pic on her Instagram account and got 30,000+ likes.

Steve Stevens and Billy Idol at Amoeba Music, Hollywood.

Bebe Rexha performs at Sayer's Club Hollywood.

Taj Majal and John Mayer at the Dolby Theatre.

Dr. Brian May

Andrew McKeag of Presidents Of The United States Of America at FYF Fest

Sydney Sierota of Echosmith at Club Nokia

Let's hope 2015 brings even better images!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


JEEZUS h. flippin' Christ...I'm buzzing on adrenaline so much right now, it's amazing. I haven't felt something like this since the glory days of the rave scene...fucking incredible.

I can easily say that in my professional photo world, there are very few people who elicit such a feeling from often jaded shooters who've been around forever and have just about seen everything. And similarly, there are also very few people in the world who, in one way or another, touched something inside of you and changed your life for the better. Usually you don't get to meet people in either category. This afternoon, I was lucky enough to experience both, when I went down to Book Soup in West Hollywood to photograph the one and only Dr. Brian May. Yes, that Brian May--Queen guitarist, astrophysicist, animal rights champion, and sober-minded critic of many ill-conceived and stupid ideas. He was in town to do a signing for his new book "Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell", and I was there to cover it for Getty Images.

I don't mind admitting that I was on the proverbial pins and needles waiting for him to arrive, for a couple of reasons. First, Brian and I had actually missed meeting each other in the past by a whisker or two a couple of times, so I was anxious and happy to finally meet him. He and I have occasionally communicated over the years, so to at last see the man in the flesh after chatting here and there was a treat that I couldn't resist. Second, I was one of those fans back in the 1970s and 80s who was blown away by Queen, the first time around. It may be hard for fans today to fully understand, but when Queen came out, there was no other rock band like them, anywhere. And come to think of it, there still isn't today. Their massed-harmonized and sledgehammer sound was totally distinct and separated from the rest of the rock world, and a major reason for that was Brian May, one of the two main architects of that sound--the other of course being Freddie Mercury. Brian's guitar sound, courtesy of his home-made Red Special, was so amazing that it seemed to blow just about every rock fan away in the States. He simply didn't sound like anyone else, and he gained such a following among hard-core fans and other guitarists, that his playing quickly became held in the highest esteem. I've watched veteran musicians break into "We're Not Worthy!" moments in his presence. And as I said, you don't get to meet people like that--the ones who touched your life and changed it, even involuntarily--or at least, not very often. So, I was naturally buzzing at the chance.

As it turned out, everything went great. Brian arrived and got settled, and during the few minutes we had before I was to photograph him, we got to chat a little. I was very pleased and happy that he remembered who I was from our last set of emails--that's always a great feeling. Out of respect for the good doctor, I won't repeat our conversation verbatim, but I will say that it was nice to be able to joke with him a bit and share a smile. We then stepped over to the store's sizable Rock section (Brian: "You guys have a Rock section? My God!"), and knocked the shoot out in under two minutes. Here's an out-take:

So all in all, today was a very good day. Thank you Brian, not only for making my day (hell, my whole month!), but also for all the incredible musical moment's you've been responsible for, and the good work you continue to do on behalf of England's badgers and foxes. Here's a list of some links that lead to Dr. May's various endeavors, all of which are worth exploring, in my humble opinion:

Brian's web site
Team Badger
Brian's "Save Me" web site
The London Stereoscopic Company, Ltd.
The Red Special web site

Amazon listing for Diableries

...and finally, Brian on the roof of Buckingham Palace, in case you needed reminding how fantastic his playing is.

Now, here's hoping I get Jimmy Page at the Grove next week...!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Swedish Egil talks about the rave glory days in the Alexandria Hotel!

Hey folks!

Thought I'd post this for all of you old-school ravers from the L.A. area who remember the Alexandria Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Back in the 1990s, that place was rave central--a really below-the-radar venue where some of the best DJs on the SoCal rave circuit could hone their craft. It was definitely not a genteel place in the least, but it became the laboratory for some truly incredible sounds that help shake the American dance world. Here, the legendary DJ/producer Swedish Egil takes us back to those amazing nights of illicit nocturnal pleasures...

(Sorry that I could post the video here; the file size is too large for this platform!)


Monday, October 27, 2014

Another book update!

Hello folks!

What’s going on??? Yes, I know it’s been a long time since things here have been updated, and a lot of obstacles were thrown in front of “DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave” during that time. However, the good thing is that things are moving forward again and we’re approaching the final major stage of the book’s publishing, which means that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. At this point, it looks like the book will be ready for release in the Spring of next year.

What has held everything up? In short, the availability of the major production players—or rather, the lack thereof. Changes in the schedule of a number of the book’s crew resulted in delays that went from weeks to months, and (as you might imagine) stress levels that went from reasonable to aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh. It was during these frustrating times that I often thought of the young Steven Spielberg, trapped on the set of “JAWS” as the shooting schedule and budget went spiraling out of control because the shark wouldn’t work. With both Steven and myself, it became a case of, “Keep moving forward. Keep pushing. Don’t stop. Even if you just finish 1/8 of a page, keep moving. Don’t ever stop.”

Fortunately, things have not stopped, and sticking it out has finally begun paying off, as the last of the proofreading is over with, and now it’s time to set everything up for the printer. Once that’s done, it will be about another two months before “DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM” arrives in the U.S. on the proverbial slow boat (from) China. Before that, however, there’s going to be a crowdfunding campaign on to fund the printing, and this is going to take place sometime in the next month or so. If you’re at all interested in this book, it’s vitally important that you support the campaign in any way that you can! Whether it’s donating, favoriting, retweeting, or whatever, your assistance is vital! Details about the Indiegogo campaign will be appearing soon, so make sure that you get the updates!

Once the book’s in, it will be available for order on We will likely be having a release party somewhere in downtown L.A. as part of the Downtown Art Walk, but other venue options are being explored as well. One way or the other, it’s gonna be a fun night to be sure!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Book is coming, soon...

Update: DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM is nearly finished and will be heading off to its printer in the near future.

In addition, a new crowdfunding campaign will be launched to help cover the printing of the book. Updates will appear on this site at that time.

In the meantime, go to to see the updated fundraising video!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

L.A. Weekly & the History Of Rave Fashion

Hey folks,

Just letting you all know that the L.A. Weekly is running a great article on the evolution of rave fashion in their current issue.  Here are links to the article and accompanying slide show!

Enjoy your trip back to '97!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: "DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave" - Media Reaction

5150 Publishing
P.O. Box 86802, Los Angeles CA 90086
(213) 321-5401


New rave photography book “DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave” receives press kudos for Kickstarter campaign

Rave photojournalist Michael Tullberg also receives big-name DJ endorsements

DECEMBER 16, 2013:   Longtime and acclaimed electronic music photojournalist Michael Tullberg has gathered much public attention with the new Kickstarter campaign for DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave, his new book about the glory days of the American rave scene.  Commencing on December 3, the campaign has received numerous mentions by the major electronic music press, as well as receiving endorsements and public support from several top international DJs.  Here’s what some of the top press mentions have had to say:
          URB.COM:  “Photographer Michael Tullberg shot hundreds of images for URB and other magazines at the height of LA’s 90s rave scene. From raves on the Venice boardwalk and downtown’s Alexandria Hotel, to the National Orange Show in San Bernardino and the desert raves all the way to Indio, no collection of photos from this magical time and place have ever been assembled before.” (12/04/13)

·         BPM.NET: “The book contains hundreds of Tullberg’s dazzling photographs from the early days of classic events like Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland and Dune. This is straight rave history, and it cannot be preserved in the proper medium with the respect it deserves without your contribution – get over to Kickstarter and be part of this incredibly worthy project.” (12/2013)

·         MAGNETICMAG.COM: “Long time BPM Magazine and Magnetic Mag friend Michael Tullberg has just launched a great Kickstarter campaign to fund his new book Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free, Home of the Rave, a history of the Southern California Rave scene. If you grew up in this era or want to know more about the scene that started what we now call EDM, this is going to be a fantastic book.” (12/05/2013)

·         VIBE.COM:  “Every subculture includes a handful of tech-friendly souls who function as their movement’s de facto historians. Reviewing and shooting festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland for outlets like Urb and Mixer, Tullberg amassed a collection of thoughts and images that chronicle Southern California’s rave scene from 1996-2002, one of its more pivotal eras.”  (12/15/2013)

·         ROBOTICPEACOCK.COM:  “On December 3rd, 2013, Michael officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for his book, DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land of the Free, Home of the Rave. This is a piece of history that will exist in the archives forever, so please help us complete this labor of love. Michael is an artist in a class of his own whose work deserves this permanence. We are proud to support a mission which will educate future generations about the origins of American raves and hope you will be too.”  (12/05/2013)

DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave has also been receiving accolades from some of the best-known DJs in the electronic music world, including world-renowned trance DJ/producer Christopher Lawrence: 
         “When I started playing, Michael Tullberg was there on the stage.  Michael Tullberg was on the floor. From outdoor desert raves like Dune, to the most intimate club, to after-hours, to full on massives like Electric Daisy Carnival, Michael Tullberg was there.  He was capturing the essence of the rave scene.”


DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave is a photography-heavy book that gives the reader unsurpassed access into the American rave nation at its heart—Southern California.  It features some of the most famous and influential electronic music artists at their peak, like Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Fat Boy Slim, The Crystal Method, Carl Cox and many more.  The book will be self-published in the Spring of 2014 under Tullberg’s own publishing house, 5150 Publishing.  To that end, Tullberg is looking to raise $95,000.00 to cover printing expenses through a Kickstarter campaign.  Fans can pre-order the book by donating to the campaign, and other rewards are available for additional donations as well, including appearing in the book itself in a special Kickstarter donations chapter.  The link to the Kickstarter campaign, which expires on January 2, 2014, is:

More information about DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave can be found at the following links:

For all media inquiries, please contact:
Michael Tullberg
5150 Publishing
PO Box 86802
Los Angeles, CA 90086
(213) 321-5401