Monday, August 8, 2016

New Article Series Of Mine Premiering On!

I'm pleased to announce that I have started writing flashback articles for about some of the most memorable raves and clubs during the 1990s and 2000s. You know, the time when everything blew up for all of us, and the biggest musical force in America since the birth of hip-hop was launched into the limelight.

 This first article is about one of the most infamous events in L.A. raving history: the "In Seventh Heaven" New Years Eve riot of 1996/97 at the old Grand Olympic Auditorium (now a Korean mega-church). It's not an investigative piece that delves into the back story of the incident (that function has already been performed by the L.A. Times), but rather a retelling of the chaos and confusion that prevailed at the site, as party-goers began collapsing thanks to bogus synthetic drugs and were taken off to the hospital, while the LAPD attacked the crowd waiting outside.

In addition to my words and photos, there is also some disturbing video showing cops dispersing the crowd that's worth watching.

Incidentally, there is a chapter devoted to "In Seventh Heaven" in DANCEFLOOR THUNDERSTORM: Land Of The Free, Home Of The Rave. You can CLICK HERE to go to the book's web site and order your very own copy!

More (non-violent) party flashbacks to come later. Thanks to Insomniac for providing me with this platform.

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